Open Access

Contracts of publication

To support scholarly publishing in the best possible way, Graz Medical University has been successfully negotiating open access transformative agreements with several publishers. These agreements cover subscribed journals with an open access option (hybrid journals). What they all have in common: there are no open access publication fees for authors.

Under this agreement, authors affiliated with Graz Medical University are able to publish their research outputs at no charge and without any administrative constraints in more than 5,000 journals published by Elsevier, Springer, Wiley, Karger and Thieme. These agreements are either financed by the library itself or by a start-up financing from project funds.

To publish an article open access in any journal of these five publishers, no grant application has to be submitted separately. These agreements are designed to avoid “double dipping” (paying for both journal subscription and open access publishing fees). Cost coverage is for open access only but do not include other fees as colour charges and the like.

An open access publication must meet the following conditions:

  • your article has been accepted by a journal which is included in one of the above mentioned agreements
  • you are affiliated with Graz Medical University
  • you are corresponding author
  • your article is either an original paper or a review paper
  • you will give your consent to an open access publication.

For submission use your institutional email address only.

For further questions please contact Gregor Steinrisser-Allex, Open Access Coordinator of Graz Medical University: / ++43 316 385 73070.