The Library


The library of the Medical University of Graz offers its trainings exclusively in the frame of internal further education and academic teaching. Thereby, the fundamental aim is to link expert knowledge of the literature offer of the library with the both organisational and content-related training expertise of our university partners, whereby a special emphasis is placed on the respective target audience.

Trainings for members of the university in literature research and literature administration are coordinated with the Organisational Unit for Human Resources Management and Development and follow the latter’s objectives.

You can register for these courses on MEDonline via the menu item “Internal Further Education and Health Promotion”.

Students of Human Medicine get a first impression of the library’s offer and infrastructure in the frame of the introductory week.

Introductions into and in-depth knowledge of database search, literature administration, and Open Access publishing are imparted to students of all curricula in cooperation with teachers, and training materials are created.