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University Library is extending free access to e-journals 

In 2021 MedUni Graz staff and students have free access to almost 6,500 scientific e-journals which is nearly 1,500 e-journals more than in the past year.

To ensure access to top scientific ressources the University Library does an annual portfolio review and negotiates prices and offers with publishing companies. This year, negotiations have been very successfull and guarantee access to a wide range of e-journals. 

(New) journals in 2021

For 2021 the University Library has licensed a total of 6,368 e-journals. MedUni Graz staff and students can access these journals by Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek and PubMed

MedUni Graz is offering the following new titles: 

  • 1,464 Elsevier Freedom Collection titles: as of 2021 free access to Elsevier Freedom Collection 2021. This collection consists of 2,260 titles in total, of which 1,664 are new titles brought to you by MedUni Graz.
  • 16 titles by Cell Press (Elsevier): As of 2021 free access to 19 Cell Press journals of which 16 titles are new: Biophysical Journal, Cell Chemical Biology, Cell Host & Microbe, Cell Metabolism, Cell Stem Cell, Cell Systems, Chem, Current  Biology, Developmental Cell, Immunity, Joule, Molecular Cell, Molecular Therapy, Neuron, Structure, Trends in Cancer
  • 8 additional Nature journal titles: as of 2021 free access to 30 nature journal titles of which 8 are new: Nature Metabolism, Nature Microbiology, Nature Reviews Cardiology, Nature Reviews Disease Primers, Nature Reviews Endocrinology, Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Nature Reviews Microbiology, Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology
  • 1 title in addition to AACR titles: Cancer Discovery

More e-resources:

The University Library grants access to a large collection of both digital and printed journals. In addition to these journals, the library offers access to the most important scientific medical databases (11), e-books (~5,500), reference works (4,700), text books (~4,700), and bound volumes (~70,000). 

You need access to a certain journal of article?

We do our best to adapt our offer to the needs of MedUni Graz students and staff. However, it may happen that the journal/article you need is not part of our portfolio. In any case we do our best to help you getting access to the information you need. Proceed as follows: 

Further information and contact:

For further information with regard to our ressources please consult our website. For questions regarding our e-ressources please contact Elma Lammers,

Extension of loan period until March 8, 2021!

Due to the current situation, all loan items have been automatically renewed until March 8, 2021.

New Book Scanner at Graz Medical University Library

The Library has recently expanded its services with a new overhead scanner: our new top-side scanner scans books, journals, and other material which is opened normally from above. Texts can be scanned quickly, easily and free of charge. A book image correction tool automatically corrects curvature and distortion in bound material and cleans up scans as they are produced. Scans can be saved as PDF, TIF, or JPEG. Use the integrated OCR engine to create searchable PDFs from books and other documents. Storage is currently on USB devices only. Be sure to have your own memory stick with you when scanning. If you have any questions, please contact the library staff at the information desk.

Your library team


Amboss Learning Platform

The Library now offers access to the learning platform Amboss to support both students and teaching staff in the best possible way. To use Amboss, create a user account first by activating the campus license of Graz Medical University.
For your first-time registration and login use the following link and register for a user account.
For a one-time activation of the Amboss campus license go to:
For activation you need an active user account (see link above).
- Go to "Clinic / Campus License"
- Select „Medical University of Graz“ in the drop-down list and click the "Clinic / Campus License“ button.
- Enter your official university e-mail address. An e-mail will be sent to this address. Click on the link to activate your access via campus license.
After you have successfully activated your user account you do not have to be in the university network neccessarily to use AMBOSS. Be sure to log in into Amboss periodically (at least every 30 days) via to confirm your status as university student or staff.
Thus your account will be activated for another 30 days.
If you have any further questions concerning Amboss or activating your account, please contact the Library (contact person: Mag. Gregor Steinrisser-Allex, +43 316 385/73070 or

Access to the Library

Construction activites on the Medical Campus – Modul 2 (Western Part) are in full progress and will be intensified in future. As a result pedestrian flow, construction traffic, and public transport (tramway) cross the ZMF forecourt under confined and increasingly unclear space conditions. To minimize the increased risk of accidents when crossing the ZMF forecourt, responsible authorities and construction site supervision decided to redirect pedestrian flow (visitors, patients, students, hospital staff in particular) right from the tram stop (Klinikum Mitte) by appropriate signs towards the stairs and elevators at the entrance area (near supermarket Billa).

Access to the library/ZMF main entrance will be closed to the public with immediate effect until completion of construction works. 

Access to the library will be by the pedestrian bridge ZMF/Klinikum opposite the ophthalmic clinic (Augenklinik), then the staircase and ZMF foyer only.