Guidelines + Forms

House rules + wardrobe

Policy and Safety Regulations

1.  Any disruptive behaviour on the premises of Medical University of Graz is prohibited.

2.  Eating, drinking, smoking and the use of mobile phones are not permitted in the library.

3.  Bringing objects that pose a risk to persons, collections or inventory, as well as animals (with the exception of service dogs for disabled persons) is prohibited.

4.  Bringing outerwear, umbrellas, bags, backpacks and the like into the library is prohibited.

5.  For monitoring purposes - particularly in the event the book safety and alarm system are triggered - library personnel can request that all bags and other containers of the user be opened and all resources be shown.

6.  The collections and inventories of the library facilities are to be treated with the utmost caution.  The users are liable for damages and loss of library collections and inventory as well as for unlawful use of the computer equipment in accordance with the relevant statutory provision.

7.  The instructions of the library personnel are to be followed to ensure orderly library operation; otherwise user and borrowing rights will be revoked.  Users must provide proof of their identity upon request.

8.  Persons, who violate the policy and safety regulations, may have their user rights restricted for a certain period of time or revoked. 

Wardrobe policy

1. The wardrobes may only be used daily, during the opening hours of the library.

2. The safekeeping of money and valuables is at one’s own risk. The deposit of perishable, harmful and flammable substances in the wardrobes is prohibited.

3. The Medical University of Graz/the library assumes no liability for articles stored in the wardrobe.

4. Overnight storage of articles in the wardrobe is not permitted.

5. Articles, which remain overnight in the wardrobes, are collected by library personnel and passed on to the place of discovery and/or the porter.