The Library


The library is located in the building complex of the ZMF – Centre for Medical Basic Research, on the premises of the University Hospital and the MED CAMPUS Graz.

180 reading places invite you to study and work. 52 fully equipped IT workstations offer an up-to-date infrastructure for both students and university staff In addition, Wi-Fi is available throughout the library. After they have registered once, all visitors of the library can use this offer for free. In the collection of course books, you find – sorted by subject and readily accessible – about 150 titles recommended in the study courses in their latest editions, which can be borrowed by students of all universities. About 2,000 standard works – also sorted by subject – complete the offer and can be read on the spot. About 2,000 medical e-books, among these a large number of titles recommended in the study courses, are available online as full texts. Along with the more than 3,500 licenced electronic journals, additional 70,000 journal volumes are readily accessible in alphabetical order. 13 databases, 1,600 printed final papers, and a permanently growing inventory of electronic final papers of the Medical University of Graz top off the portfolio.