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§7 Use of Hard- and Software

(1) The Library of the Medical University of Graz offers free Internet access to its users on their premises. This is only available for study and research-relevant searches but not for entertainment, games, plays and the like.

(2) When using the free Internet, the user/the users carries the responsibility for the applicable statutory provisions, especially copyright, pertaining to criminal code and data protection. Websites that contain violence glorification, pornographic and/or racist content may not be accessed.

(3) The provided computers and other technical equipment are to be used for the search and exchange of information in the broader sense. Therefore any use for mere entertainment, in particular “chatting” and playing, is forbidden on these devices.

(4) Passwords, through which one could acquire knowledge pertaining to research in electronic resources of the university library, are to be kept secret and are not to be shared with other persons.

(5) Modifications to the configuration of the IT equipment or the installation of programs by users are prohibited.

(6) Library personnel can assign individual time restrictions for the use of IT equipment if deemed necessary for the overall operation.

(7) The downloading of software is not permitted.

(8) After registering through the user account, the users of this guideline (as defined in § 2, Section 1, number 1) have the possibility of accessing the electronic literature resources (e.g. E-journals, databases, etc.) licensed by the Medical University of Graz through external computer systems. The registration prerequisites for this are to be separately listed on the MedUni Graz Graz homepage. 

(9) The violation of the provisions in these paragraphs can result in suspension of use; possible further legal proceedings remain unaffected hereby.

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