Document Delivery Service

Fees Document Delivery Service

The fees of the Document Delivery Service depend on the customer group and the processing time:

Group 1: Staff + students of the Medical University of Graz
Group 2: Registered users of the library – Medical University of Graz

Ordering Article Delivery Time Group 1 Group 2
Regular  3–5 days    6,00 euros  11,00 euros
Express  1–2 days  13,00 euros  18,00 euros
Super-Express  2–4 hours  30,00 euros  30,00 euros


Ordering Book Delivery Time Group 1 Group 2
From within Austria  2–4 weeks    6,00 euros    6,00 euros
From abroad  2–4 weeks  12,00 euros  12,00 euros


The delivery times can be selected by you. Super express orders are only accepted by phone until 1 pm because library staff check whether, and at which price, the short-term delivery is possible. These fees are also charged in case they are available in electronic form and/or are not collected.